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Health Talks
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Pre & Post-Natal Care 
(Conducted in Mandarin)
By Ms Grace Chong,
Founder of Health Sense Well Being
Fri 1 Nov, 2pm
What do we do when a baby has fever? How do we calm a baby and improve their sleep quality?
Get your burning questions answered and more at this session where Ms Chong, a pre/post-natal care expert, will share her knowledge on how you can help your baby in various ways through acupressure. 




Is Beauty Really Skin Deep?
By Dr Alicia Davenport,
Naturopathic Practitioner at Integrated Health Centre
Fri 1 Nov, 6pm

Does it matter what we eat? What exactly is nutrition for beauty and healthy skin?


Dr Alicia Davenport is an experienced Naturopathic Practitioner with over a decade of clinical experience in the health and wellness industry. Join her in this session to discover secrets of looking and feeling good!

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BodyTalk: Best of East and West Philosophies
By Ms Sufen Paphassarang,
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner at Release - A BodyTalk Clinic 
& Ms Xin Hui Aw Yong,
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner at Innsaei Health
Sat 2 Nov, 1pm

Does achieving hydration help to reduce pain, ageing and chronic diseases?


BodyTalk is a healthcare system that looks at the whole person’s body-mind. It combines Western science and Eastern philosophies to achieve well-being. 


In this talk, Ms Paphassarang and Ms Aw Yong will help you to understand from the BodyTalk perspective how emotions, beliefs and consciousness influence the utilisation of water in the body. In addition, there will be a short demonstration session.

Unlocking the Mysteries of The Human Body
By Dr Robert Lyons,
Founder of Kaqun Europe
Sat 2 Nov, 4pm

Water and oxygen are two key essentials to stay alive. But do we really know why? Is exercise that important? In this exciting session, Dr Lyons will educate us with nuggets of health tips extracted from his 30-year experience around the world.

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An Approach to Treating Tissue Hypoxia as a Disease
By Dr Nadzri Dato' Mokhtar,
Aesthetic Physician & Director at NARA MediSpa Medical
Sat 2 Nov, 5pm

As the primary medical physician for the Royal Family, President and political class in Malaysia, Dr Nadzri believes that health starts from within. Being an anti-aging specialist, he will be sharing about the effects that ELO has on age.

The ELO Effect on Selected Patients
By Dato’ Dr Syed Abdul Aziz Syed Zin Benyahya,
Cardiac Anaesthetist & Medical Advisor at ELO Water Malaysia
Sat 2 Nov, 6pm

Come hear Dato’ Syed share several astounding testimonials of how ELO has helped people with various medical conditions, including diabetes and cancer. In addition, he will also give a recount of his personal experience with coronary artery disease and how he has benefited from ELO.

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How to Eat Well & Look Good?
By Ms Valerie Chai,
Director of Superlife Co
Sun 3 Nov, 3pm
(Rescheduled from Sat 2 Nov, 11am)

Looking good, be it better complexion, anti aging or looking slim is 80% diet and 20% exercise. To start looking healthy and good, you have to first start from your diet. Ever wonder what you should eat to look better? Come listen to this short talk to find out more about food that taste good, is affordable and makes you look good healthily!


Check out the great Superfoods Sale below. Pre-order and collect at ELO Mega Sale!

Talk schedule is subject to changes.
Please check back this page for the latest schedule. 
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